Baranavichy and Brest: death penalty as reflected in cinema

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Brest, there was held a public viewing of the Belarusian language version of the film “Twelve Angry Men” was held within the framework of the campaign “Un-death Penalty. Because We Are People”. The film, which is a classic of the world cinema and was recognized as one of the best court dramas by the American Film Institute, was presented to Brest participants of the language course "Language Anew" ("Mova Nanova").

According to the organizers
of the viewing, the demonstration of the film in cooperation with “Non-lethal Penalty. Because We Are People” is not occasional. “Un-death Penalty” is an attempt to "break" the sustainable linguistic combination of the "death penalty" and draw attention to the fact that other types of punishment (though not related to the deprivation of life) are also very serious. As for the expression "Because We Are People" is a call to think not of a criminal, and that happens to decent citizens if the death penalty is used in their countrie, how the justice is arranged and what role is played there by ordinary citizens.

The film “12 Angry Men” was chosen to show the spectators what happens to a
common man, when he realizes that he is administering the justice. The movie tells about the court of jury, where people don't just vote, but also express their thoughts, argue and take responsibility - and thus turn into citizens.

Baranavichythe viewing of “Twelve Angry Men” was held in the premises of theecological and local core public association "Nerush". First of all, the participants learned how films are overdubbed in the Belarusian language.Participants of the meeting were told about it by the director of the translation and dubbing of movies in the Belarusian language, Andrei Kim.

It was certainly interesting to watch the move dubbed in Belarusian. I was also pleased to see the movie itself, which occupies the 2nd place in the list of the best court dramas according to the American Film Institute. All those present got convinced that the judges may err while issuing death verdicts, and this terrible mistake is irreparable. “Twelve Angry Men” teaches us that the right to life is the supreme value, and nobody, even the state, has the right to deprive any person of life,” said social activist Anzhalika Kambalava.