Babruisk polyclinic practices forced flu vaccination

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Babruisk coordinator of “Tell the Truth” Alena Miadzvedzeva reported about two cases of forced vaccination against influence at polyclinic No. 7 in Babruisk.

In the first case our activist, worker of “Babruiskahramash” Uladzimir Shcharbatykh was passing a professional examination. After being examined by all medics, he got to the office of the head of the prophylaxis department, Halina Hrebnevich. She refused to put the seal that he was fit for work, as he wasn't vaccinated against influenza. He started explaining that it was his right to decided whether to pass such vaccination or not, as it was carried out on a voluntary basis. However, the medic showed him the order of the Babruisk City Executive Committee No. 145-p for May 26, 2014, and stated that it was obligatory for implementation,” says Alena Miadzvedzeva.

Uladzimir Shcharbatykh appealed to the deputy
chief physician of the polyclinic №7 Ina Zubovich. However, she also referred to the above-mentioned document of the executive committee. The worker spent five hours trying to get through to the main Babruisk physician Uladzimir Hatsko, to the “hot line” of the Ministry of Health Care and the administration of the regional health care bureau. However, the officials were absent from their offices. Then he left a complaint at the complaint book of the polyclinic and wrote a statement about refusal from vaccination.
We managed to get through to the Mahiliou Regional Department of Health Care. An official confirmed a violation on the part of medics of the polyclinic. However, nobody apologized to Uladzimir Shcharbatykh at the polyclinic and nobody put the stamp confirming his fitness for work!” outrages Alena Miadzvedzeva.

After this case, she received similar information from another worker of “Babruiskahramash”, Maryna Kanapelka. She also complained about the attempts of forced vaccination at the polyclinic No. 7.

“It seems that the opinion of an official from the regional health department means nothing for them. Maryna Kanapelka has also written a complaint and
categorically refuses from vaccination. We are going to knock on all doors to help these people. Recently, I have gone through a similar situation myself, while making a sanitary certificate for work. The medics also told me to pass the vaccination, but didn't insist as they already know that I know how to defend my rights,” said Alena Miadzvedzeva.