Bobruisk: The trial of Maryna Malchanava will continue on September 25

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Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava

Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava

There was held a hearing at which it was investigated the case of an independent journalist Maryna Malchanava in the Bobruisk court on September 23. She is accused of collaboration with foreign media without accreditation.
At the beginning of the meeting Marina Molchanov made a motion for reschedule the case to another day.- In the case papers I have found documents relating to the trial of journalist Ales Zaleuski marked "for the judge." In this regard, I filed a complaint with the Ministry of Justice and ask to reshedule the meeting until I have the answer. Because the presence of these documents in my case I consider as the pressure on the court - said the journalist.

Judge Natalia Charapukha wondered whether these documents were filed in the case. Maryna Malchanava said that they were simply together with other documents, and that she has photocopy of them. The judge said that she haven’t seen such papers, and denied the motion.
The journalist does not deny that she was talking to the heroine of a report about the charity movement, which was shown on the "Belsat" TV channel.

-But I am not a full-time reporters of this channel, I don’t edit their site and don’t have the materials there, - said Maryna Malchanava.
She also added that at the time that police Lieutenant Colonel Siarhei Rud'ko executed a proces-verbal, she "didn’t even realize what she violated."

Policeman claims that monitored the internet versions of mass media "to find the statements of citizens against the police officers" and accidentally found the article on the Belsat under the name of Maryna Malchanava. He sent a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to find out whether the journalist has accreditation, and they said that she hasn’t. Then he asked for help the capital police. They found the heroine of reportage, showed her photos of Malchanava, and she confirmed that she was talking to a journalist in Sevastopol Park.

It turns out that there is no information if the video-recording was in the park or no in the filing interview of heroine.
Maryna Malchanava’s lawyer wants to find answers from Sergei Rud'ko only to two questions: how can be confirmed the fact that the journalist had prepared a text version of an article on the website "Belsat"; how can be confirmed that "Belsat" is a foreign media? The police officer has the same answers to all these questions: that he saw the name of Malchanava under the report on the site , that the heroine recognized her by photo, and that the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that she is working without accreditation.
The lawyer is trying to find out how it can be confirmed thatMaryna is working for a foreign media. She notes that in this case there must be a work contract. But the policeman says that he sees evidence of her working there in this report, posted on the "Belsat" website.
Judge Natalia Charapukha offers to call police officers who helped Siarhei Rud'ko collect materials of the case as witnesses.
The next hearing will be held on 25 September.