Gomel: F. Skaryna GSU is trying to reject the complaint of expelled co-president of "Young front" Andrus Tianiuta, referring to the late filing of the complaint

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Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by svaboda.org.

Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by svaboda.org.

In the Central district court of Homel continues the hearing upon application of expelled student, co-president of the "Young Front" Andrus Tianiuta to the F. Skaryna GSU. A young man considers his expulsion illegal and demanding the reinstatement into the university.On September 22 the applicant claimed to hold legal expertise of the "Internal Regulations" of the F. Skaryna GSU, the violation of which university was referring when expelled Andrus Tianiuta. A former student believes that Internal Regulations aren’t ruling his life in time when he isn’t on the examination session, and when he is outside of the university. Also activist’s lawyer drew the court's attention to the violation of the procedure of the expelling of the student. Judge Olga Kozlova rejected the request for a legal examination of the Internal Regulations.

The representative of the F. Skaryna GSU, head of the legal department of the university Valer Niadostupon September 22 said at the hearing that the expelled student’s complaint cannot be investigated in the court because the applicants alleged missed deadlines for appeals, which is a month. Andrus Tianiuta was expelled in the end of May 2014. However, he addressed a complaint to the court in June, but the court did not accept the complaint, advising primarily apply to the Ministry of Education. The Ministry considered the expelling to be legal, and therefore the expelled student applied to the court.
There are some circumstances at the hearings on the case of Andrus Tianiuta which draw attention to themselves. Thus, one of the hearings was rescheduled in order to the head of the legal department found out exactly how and when activist can be recovered in the University. But there wasn’t even a question on it at the next hearing. The break was announced at the next hearing for a calling as a witness the dean of the Extension Department. Today, 22 September, nobody mentioned calling the dean as witnesses. And the head of the legal department began to talk about missed deadline for appeal to the court.
Meanwhile, until the next meeting Andrus Tianiuta has to bring a certificate that he was in business trips in June, and therefore missed a month to appeal the order of the expulsion. Activist is adjuster.
It should be pointed out that Andrus Tsianiuta was expelled from the F. Skaryna GSU in May 2014, where he was a third year student of extension department with specialization on "Jurisprudence". The official wording of the order of the expulsion signed by the rector is "for the systematic illegal actions in accordance with the Education Code and the internal rules." It is about administrative responsibility of the activist - arrest for 10 days for swearing and disobedience for police officers. Activist considers it as a detention and arrest of preventive measures on the eve of the World Hockey Championship in Minsk. It should be pointed out, that before the World Hockey Championship dozens of opposition activists were sent to jail on charges of disorderly conduct or disobedience for police.