A meeting with Ales Bialiatski was held in Mogilev

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Presentation of the book

Presentation of the book

A meeting with the president of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski was held on September 19 in Mogilev.

This is the first visit of a former political prisoner in Mogilev after his release from Bobruisk colony in June. Several dozens of Mogilev citizens, who came to the meeting, greeted Ales Bialiatski, former political prisoner, with applause.

During the meeting, the human rights defender presented his book "Mercurial silver of life," which consists of the essays written by him in custody. In the essays that Ales Bialiatski was sending from Bobruisk colony, he describes the work of human rights defenders before and after the events of 2010 in Belarus, tells the story of the participation of international human rights missions. Alena Laptsienak – drafter of the book, which also participated in the meeting, told the audience about the history of its creation, and the author himself - about the features of creative activity in prison.

During the meeting they discussed the events during and after the last presidential election, the current situation with human rights in Belarus, the problem of political prisoners. Ales Bialiatski and Alena Laptsienak answered numerous questions from the audience, and at the end of the meeting the author signed it for everyone. Mogilev citizens, who came to the meeting, received a "Mercurial silver of life" as a gift.

During the custody of Ales Bialiatski were published two of his books - "Mercurial silver of life" and literary collection "Blessed by Belarus." His publicist collection "Cold wing of the motherland" is going to be published soon. Ales Bialiatski is the author of two more books "Literature and the nation" and a book of essays "Runs on the shores of Lake Geneva," that was published in 1991 and 2006's.