Arrests for "Movie in subway"

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Anastasia Dole. Photo by

Anastasia Dole. Photo by

In the court of the Moscow district of Minsk were investigated administrative cases of volunteers of the initiative "Movie in subway" Anastasia Dole and Dmitry Latushkin on September 19. They were charged with two administrative articles - disorderly conduct (Article. 17.1 of the Administrative Code) and disobedience for police officers (Article. 23.4 of the Administrative Code).
Judge Tatyana Motyl condemned activists to arrests: Anastasia Dole - 6-day, Dmitry Latushkin - 5 days. While Latushkin’s case was investigated "secretly" - without a lawyer and witnesses.
Dmitry Latushkin and Anastasia Dole were arrested on September 18 near the underground station "Frunze" among the participants of the initiative "Movie in subway", who wanted to watch a documentary about street artist Banksy. The detention took place at 8:40 p.m. 20 people were taken to the police department of the Moscow district, and later all but Latushkin and Dole were let go.
This is not the first arrest of the participants of the initiative "Movie in subway." Police detained 25 people who came to viewing, which was to be held in Gorky Park on September 12, but three hours later everyone were let go from police department of Partisan district.