The representative of the F. Skaryna GSU offers Andrus Tsianiuta reinstatement in the university without trial

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Andrei Tsianiuta

Andrei Tsianiuta

There was a consideration of a civil case upon application of co-president of the "Young Front" Andrus Tsianiuta to the Francisk Skorina Gomel State University in the Central district court of Homel on September 16. The head of the legal department of the F. Skaryna GSU Valery Niadostup appeared in court today. According to the head of the legal department of the university, the university is not interested in the expelling "in connection with the demographic situation and the shortage of students." But in the case of part-time students Andrus Tsianiuta , university, according to its representative, could not respond to the "systematic illegal actions." It is about administrative responsibility of the activist - arrest for 10 days for swearing and disobedience for police officers. Earlier activist was admonished by the court that it’s inadmissible to violate of the law during the action of solidarity with Ukraine. Valer Niadostup noted that a student, who is studying to be a lawyer, shouldn’t violate the law, and the deduction was legally qualified, in accordance with the Education Code and the Internal Regulations of F. Skaryna GSU.
Andrus Tsianiuta considers his expulsion illegal and claiming the reinstatement into the university through the court. At the hearing, he said that he didn’t commit administrative violations in which the court found his guilty, and in fact his complaint against the decision of the court considered on appeal now. Activist believes that his actions cannot be regulated by the internal regulations, because they were committed outside the university and not in the time of educational process.

Head of Legal Department said, that according to the law, expelled student has the right for reinstatement in the university, and offered Andrus Tsianiuta to restore at the F. Skaryna GSU without trial. The applicant and his lawyer agreed with this position. The hearing will continue on September 17 - the head of the legal department has the time to find out exactly how and when activist can be restored at the University.
It should be pointed out that Andrus Tsianiuta was expelled from the F. Skaryna GSU in May 2014, where he was a third year student of extension department with specialization on "Jurisprudence". The official wording of the order of the expulsion signed by the rector is "for the systematic illegal actions in accordance with the Education Code and the internal rules." It is about administrative responsibility of the activist - arrest for 10 days for swearing and disobedience for police officers. Activist considers it as a detention and arrest of preventive measures on the eve of the World Hockey Championship in Minsk. It should be pointed out, that before the World Hockey Championship dozens of opposition activists were sent to jail on charges of disorderly conduct or disobedience for police.

Andrus Tsianiuta considers his expelling illegal and politically motivated, therefore appealed to the court against his university.
The judge Olga Kozlova investigated the case. The applicant made ​​a motion to conduct the process in the Belarusian language, to exercise his right, guaranteed by the Constitution. The judge invited interpreter, which was teacher of the Belarusian language and literature from one of the Homel’s school on September 16.
It is worth adding that civil servants are obliged to know official languages ​​- both Russian and Belarusian. In reality, in Belarus, at least in Homel, the courts sometimes are calling interpreters, because the judges are not able to carry out the process in the Belarusian language.

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