BPF postpones party conference for lack of premises

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The Belarusian Popular Front’s party conference planned for September 13, has been postponed for a month in connection with the difficulties in finding premises to rent.

Charter97.org has been informed about that by the press-service of the BPF.

The leadership of the party believes that obstacles in holding the conference are connected “with the atmosphere of fear prevailing in the society, and with the up-coming presidential election.”

The BPF party was denied premises by owners of more than 50 conference-halls and palaces of culture. Some of them said no at once, referring to the fact that the premises were reserved, or directly saying they didn’t want to have problems after offering premises to the oppositional party. However the majority of owners said: the conference hall is vacant, but they are to get approval from their superiors. The result of getting an approval was always negative.

It was even harder to find agreement with owners of premises as some of them asked for “permission of Minsk city executive committee for holding the conference”, which contradicts the laws.

About 200 delegates have been already appointed for the BPF Party conference. The agenda of the conference includes re-election of the party leadership, approval of the strategy of actions during the presidential election – 2015, as well as passing amendments to the party program.

The chairman of the BPF Party Aliaksei Yanukevich comments on the postponement of the conference: “Until the last day we have been carrying out talks with property-owners and Minsk city executive committee. We had an agreement with one of the structures about holding the party conference in their Palace of Culture. We managed to get a document from Minsk city executive committee, that they have no objections. But at the last moment when no time was left for search for other options, we were told that on September 13 the building would be occupied for other purposes. As a result, the conference is to be rescheduled. This annoying situation proves that an atmosphere of fear is prevailing in Belarus, and pressure on opposition and civil society is continued.”

The politician thinks that hindrances for holding the BPF Party conference “have political grounds.”

“During the conference we plan to define our strategy in the presidential election. The involuntary postponement of the conference demonstrates in what atmosphere the presidential campaign starts.”