BCD activist tells details of his detention

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In the evening on September 3 in Minsk, the police detained an activist of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Dzianis Laikou for collecting signatures in support of prohibition of the most odious Russian TV channels in Belarus and putting Ukrainian TV channels on the air.

Mr. Laikou and two other BCD activists were collecting signatures near the metro station “Kamennaya Horka”. In about 30 minutes they were approached by policemen. Two activists managed to go away, whereas Dzianis was detained together with some journalists. “I could go away as well, but was holding a microphone at the time and need to return it”, said the activist.

The detainees were taken to the Frunzenski District Police Department. There they were kept for two hours and were released after a questioning. The policemen also promised to find out whether the collecting of signatures was allowed by the Minsk City Executive Committee and then decide whether to draw the detainees to administrative account.