Mahiliou region prosecutor approves detention of candidate for deputy at polling station

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Valery Karankevich

Valery Karankevich

September 3, public activist from Khotsimsk Valery Karankevich received a response to his complaint, filed to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus and forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office of the Mahiliou region.

In a letter signed by the prosecutor of the M
ahiliou region Aliaksandr Chadziuk,the activist is informed that his complaint against the illegal actions of the police concerning his detentions and guarding to the Khotsimsk District Police Department, was considered by the Mahiliou Region Prosecutor's Office with a study of the materials of an examination on the fact.

"It was found that about
8 p.m. on March 23 we were detained and taken to the Khotsimsk DPD for questioning at the request of Tamashou M.V. on bringing you to liability for defamation.

These actions were caused by the fact that you have shied away from the legitimate demands
to come to the police station for questioning on the merits of the facts, stated in the appeal of Tamashou M.V.,” writes Aliaksandr Chadziuk.

Upon review of the complaint
of Mr. Karankevich, the prosecutor came to the conclusion that there were no grounds for prosecutorial action. He also informs the activist that the latter has the right to appeal this decision to the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Belarus.

didn't have much hope for a fair consideration of my complaint by the prosecutor of the Mahiliou region,” says Valery Karankevich. “I filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General, as hoped that
it would be considered fairly at least there. However, the complaint was forwarded to the prosecutor's office of the Mahiliou region. I cannot agree with the conclusions of the prosecutor and will file another complaint with the Office of the Prosecutor General and make an appointment for a personal meeting with its leaders.

y Karankevich is very outraged that Aliaksandr Chadziuk again repeats his argument about the need for his urgent delivery directly to the police department from the polling station.

"I do not hide from anyone,
I did not shy away from a meeting with the police, but they quickly took me away from the polling station right before the beginning of the counting of ballots, and the Mahiliou region prosecutor upholds their actions”, says Mr. Karankevich. “I believe that all this is aimed at intimidating activists and assure police in their impunity, because next year the presidential elections will be held. Khotsims police also detained me for no reasons during the parliamentary elections of 2012 and the local elections this year, and the prosecutor's office constantly upholds their actions, which makes me wonder."

Bear in mind that about 8 p.m. on March 23 the candidate for the Mahiliou Regional Council at Khotsimsk election constituency №54 andto the Khotsimsk District Council at Uzbiarezhnaya constituency №13 Valery Karankevich was detained by the police at the Internatsyianalny polling station in №3 in Khotsimsk. Two police majors too him to the Khotsimsk DPD, where he was kept for about 40 minutes and then was released without getting any charges. The policemen stated that the reason for the detention was the appeal of a member of the constituency election commission No. 54 Mikalai Tamashou. As a result of the illegal detention, Valery Karankevich was prevented from observing the count of ballots at the polling station.