Activist asks Minister of Justice to cancel illegitimate decisions by administrative commission

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Alena Marchanka

Alena Marchanka

Alena Marchanka, a resident of the village Damamerychy, Klimavichy district, was received on August 15 by the Minister of Justice Aleh Slizheuski and personally asked him to address numerous violations allegedly committed by the Klimavichy district executive committee.
During the reception, Ms. Marchanka told the Minister about abuses of administrative law, law on local government and self-government, and that the executive committee’s website fails to post all its decisions of regulatory nature.
Ms. Marchanka cited examples of violations that were committed against her by local executive officials.
According to Alena Marchanka, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Vasil Zakharchanka, who was also present during the meeting, tried to interrupt her.
Aleh Slizheuski promised to provide an answer to all the questions, saying they required further analysis.
During the meeting, Alena Marchanka also personally handed a written complaint, which set out specific and reliable information on violations of Belarusian legislation by officials of the Klimavichy district executive committee.
In her complaint, Ms. Marchanka asks the Minister of Justice to oblige the executive committee to post on its website all its regulatory decisions without exception; to allow individuals brought to administrative liability to take a copy of the administrative case file against them by photographing the papers; to ensure the implementation of law in administrative cases by the administrative committee of the Klimavichy District Executive Commission, especially provisions related to clerical work.
She also urges the Minister to order the executive committee to reverse the decisions of the Administrative Commission for the period between May 2, 2013 and February 2, 2014, which were adopted by an illegitimate composition, to bring responsible persons to justice according to the law and to give her a written reply within the statutory period.
According to Alena Marchanka, at the end of the meeting, she feared that after such a conversation and complaints she could lose her job, but was the chairman of the district executive committee said that Ms. Marchanka would not face harassment.
On June 17, the Klimavichy District Court reversed a decision of the administrative commission of the Executive Committee, which punished Alena Marchanka by a fine of 2,250,000 rubles for violation of veterinary, sanitary and veterinary rules and ordered termination of administrative proceedings against her.
Ms. Marchanka’s confrontation with the local authorities began after she opposed the killing of her pigs due to the danger of proliferation of African swine fever.
Alena Marchanka has been engaged in pig production to pay for treatment and training of her son, who is disabled since childhood.