Nino Katamadze considers death penalty an important negative point in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Georgian jazz-rock singer Nino Katamadze. Photo by

Georgian jazz-rock singer Nino Katamadze. Photo by

The world-known Georgian jazz-rock singer, leader of the band “Inside” told it while speaking about her likes and dislikes in Belarus.

"I really love Belarus, like the overall energy, it is very quiet here. This the first point. The second is beautiful eyes. The third – the food is very tasty. What concerns negative points – I think that the retention of the death penalty is a negative point here. At present, I don't know any other negative points,” said Nino Katamadze.

We are pleased to note that "Human rights activists against the death penalty in Belarus" had the opportunity to talk with a representative of “Inside”. The reason for the correspondence with the director of the group was a situation associated with the use of the composition “Movaneba” from the album “Red” (2010) in the documentary film "Cause of Death Left Blank". The filmmakers felt that Nino's Katamadze magical voice could perfectly convey the tragedy of Sviatlana Zhuk (whose son was shot dead in 2010), the main character of this documentary. Human rights activists are very grateful to the people who don't stay indifferent to problems of others, to Nino Katamadze and the whole band “Insite” - for their creativity and humanity.