Committee for Solidarity with Ukraine intends to tell Donbass residents about life conditions in Belarus

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Volha Mikalaichyk

Volha Mikalaichyk

“This fall, the Committee is planning a trip to Eastern Ukraine with the participation of bards, poets and filmmakers," told Radio “Liberty” a member of the Committee, film director Volha Mikalaichyk.


"We want to meet with people in the East, to show them our movies and our music. I think it is very important for Belarus to speak with the East of Ukraine and tell about the conditions in which we live, to support their Ukrainian spirit.

We also intend to invite Ukrainian artists here - not only to Minsk, but also to the regions. There is also lack of information about what is happening in Ukraine. We need sincere first-hand information from poets, musicians and journalists. People in Belarus should also know what Ukraine breathes with. Of course, this information is very different from what is told by the Russian media."

Volha Mikalaichyk said that the Committee's activities are under a vigilant surveillance of the Belarusiajn law-enforcement agencies. She reminded an incident which took place near the detention center in Akrestsin Street while the committee's activists were meeting its coordinator Aliaksandr Makayeu, who was being released after a 15-day arrest.

“The Committee's leaders Yury Vouchak and Ihar Rynkevich came to the meeting. Riot police and a paddy wagon arrived. The paddy wagon stopped near us and opened the door. Through the door we were told that Makayeu would not be released until we removed the Ukrainian flag. The open door was also a clear hint to us.”

Belarusian Committee for Solidarity with Ukraine was established in March 2014 on the initiative of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. The initiative was supported by representatives of the civil society, Belarusian intellectuals and leaders of political parties.