Biaroza activists intend to hold a picket marking legal confirmation of Belarus' state sovereignty

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Biaroza human rights defenders applied for a picket. They implemented all legal requirements mentioned in an appropriate regulation of the Biaroza District Executive Committee. To their appeal for the permit they also attached copies of the service contracts with the medics and public utilities and the answer from the police that they are to be addressed by the executive committee for securing the public order at the event.

The picket is scheduled for August 25. The intended number of participants is ten persons. The organizers want to hold the event in the officially designated place.

The aim of the picket is to mark the historical movement, when the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Belarusian Socialist Soviet Republic got the status of a constitutional law. Besides, the human rights activists intend to express solidarity with political prisoners and protest against the deployment of the Russian military bases on the territory of Belarus.

For almost a year, Biaroza District Executive Committee has cited various reasons for repeated bans of all mass events organized by local civil society activists.