Leader of Free Trade Union organization appeals to Prosecutor's Office concerning forgery of documents

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Viktar Stukau believes that some official has forged a date in the complaints book, where there is an entry on his behalf. Meanwhile, the administration of JSC "Polotsk-Shklovalakno" states that he is purposely looking for clues to escalate the conflict between the management and the trade union. The history surrounding the book of complaints reminds of a detective.

On July 23 Viktar Stukau was not allowed to the plant, though he warned about his visit in advance.
"I requested the book of complaints, to make an entrance, but it wasn't brought. I stated that I wanted to make en entrance about a violation of the law on trade unions. Being the head of a primary unit, I was not allowed to meet with workers. Nevertheless, I didn't manage to get the complaint book. They just refused to give it, although they should have done it on the first demand. That's why I called the police to register the offense. A policeman came. I was interviewed, told him everything in detail and went home. Several days later I received a notice from the police that the case was dismissed because the facts were not confirmed. I went there to find the details. As it appeared, the officials of “Polatsk-Shklovalakno” stated they had presented me the complaint book and I had made a record without any obstacles on their part, so there was no violation... Haven't understood how it could be so, I asked to be familiarized with the case materials. There was also a Xerox copy from the complaint book. As it turned out, somebody put the date “July 23” near my last entrance in the book, made back in April,” says Viktar Stukau.

By the way, that complaint was written on a completely different matter: as on April 1 the head of the enterprise refused to meet with Mr. Stukau.

"I had an appointment with him in advance. Instead, I was received by his deputy, who was not able to resolve the issues that I addressed. That's why I asked for the complaint book, and was presented it immediately. As soon as I started writing the complaint, the head of the enterprise came. That' why I didn't complete the complaint, as the reason for it disappeared. I didn't manage to put the date, either. Now, there is another date, put in someone else's hand,” explains the trade union leader.
On this occasion, he is preparing an appeal to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in order to find who is guilty of the forgery.

Mr. Stukau has an opionion concerning the reasons for this unlawful action: “The enterprise administration strongly dislikes that I write complaints. Following the incident of July 23 I required explanations as to why the complaint book hadn't been brought to me and received an answer: “There are ten entries in the complaint book, seven of them belong to you.” Evidently, each entrance is a reason for investigation, which is undesirable for the management of the enterprise. “Your calling the police on July 23, 2014 is nothing but an attempt to fabricate a violation on the part of the JSC”, reads the answer, signed by the Acting Deputy Chief Director of Human Resources and ideological work”. To put it short, I am accused of libel, whereas I see the fact of forgery with the aim to avoid liability for the offense. After all, every citizen has the right to make notes in the book of complaints, which must be issued on the first demand.”

Viktar Stukau was fired from “Polatsk-Shklovalakno” in 2013, allegedly for violation of the safety requirements. That's why he has great troubles getting to the enterprise. He also had such troubles on July 27, when he wanted to visit workshops No. 7 and No. 12 in order to check the trustworthiness of the workers' complaints about the temperature regime: the workers have to work in the temperature of 40 oC, which is a violation of the right to decent working conditions without risk to life and health.