Picket in support of political prisoners banned in Brest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Unlike other cities of Belarus, this action was scheduled fir 10 August, but the Brest City Executive Committee refused to authorize it, referring to the celebration of the Day of the builder.


According to human rights activist Uladzimir Vialichkin who has applied for the picket to the executive committee, he intended to hold the picket on the playground in the park of soldiers-internationalists, which was officially designated by the local authorities as a place for public events.


However, the authorities didn't allow the picket, as at the specified time the playground would be allegedly used by "another event". As it was found, the holding of the picket was impeded by festivities on the Day of the builder. By the way, according to human rights activist, he managed to sign a service contract with the ambulance. The administration of the park, however, refused to do enter into such a contract.

“Now I will require the executive committee to give me an opportunity to familiarize with the plan of mass events for the year, as it is not the first time when pickets are banned with reference to other mass events,” stated Mr. Vialichkin.