Salihorsk residents protest against illegal construction of road through their yard

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The illegal construction of a highway through the yard area in one of the districts of Salihorsk has caused a widespread discontent with the locals. Officers of the district executive committee and the board of capital construction rushed to extinguish the “fire of people's anger”.


On Monday, August 4, residents of house No. 53 in Saslonau Street held a meeting to solve the problem. The meeting was initiated by activists of the local campaign "Protect the Forest", which has been fighting for the constitutional right of citizens to a healthy environment for several years already.


The matter is that the designers have made a grave mistake, which resulted in breaking the construction norms, present in the legislation. The violation was allegedly made at the request of the traffic police with the aim to unload the next street from the heavy traffic of vehicles. They decided to do it at the expense of safety and health of dwellers of this house,” says the initiator of the meeting Uladzimir Shyla. “We have prepared our absolutely justified demands to the authorities and voiced them at the meeting. It should be noted that prior to the meeting the dwellers collected signatures on this occasion and met with officials. However, there weren't so many of them.

The meeting was attended by the chief architect of the city Sviatlana Kruhlova, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee on urban maintenance Anatol Dalhaliavets and a representative of the Salihorsk Construction BureauYury Chukhrou assured the citizens that the construction of the cross-cutting roads through the yard area would be suspended, and the area under for the playground would be increased. The officials also have promised to consider other requirements of the people in the near future and give an official response.