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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Aleh Skazetski, head of Dubrouna DPD

Aleh Skazetski, head of Dubrouna DPD

Former prisoner Viktar Buhayou, who lives and works in the town of Dubrouna in the Vitsebsk region, has again appealed to the Human Rights Center "Viasna".

Bear in mind that after serving his sentence in 2011 V. Buhayou applied for criminal prosecution of a police officer Skazetski for extortion of money from him in the amount of $ 2,000. At that time, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee found no violations in the officer's actions, referring to the fact that Skazetski demanded the money not for himself but for the operational-search activities. The rulings about the refusal to bring criminal proceedings against him have been imposed and canceled more than five times with the conclusion that there were no traits of extortion in Skazetski's actions, but without the assessment of traits of malfeasance. In addition, the former prisoner tried to get punishment for police officer Stsepankou, who had submitted false information to the penal colony where Buhayou had been kept. This information was disproved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Buhayou's appeal in 2012. However, the police officer was not punished for it due to the expiry of the terms of disciplinary liability.


Both "heroes" of the publication, Aleh Skazetski and Stanislau Stsepankou, continue occupying governing positions at the Dubrouna District Police Department.

In March 2014, on V. Buhayou's appeal the Liozna District Prosecutor again
reversed a decision not to institute criminal proceedings against Skazetski. However, he was again refused in bringing criminal proceedings after formal additions after an examination.

In June 2014 V. Buhayou had a conflict with citizen M., during which, as thought by Mr. Buhayou, she insulted him in response to a comment about the litter, cast by her near the entrance of his house. Mr. Buhayou applied to the police, who instigated administrative proceedings and then submitted them to the court. The court returned the case for revising. Suddenly, a violation report was added... against Buhayou himself, who "started a scandal ..., shouting loudly, shook the litter in front of M.'s face, thus violating her peace.” The case against V. Buhayou was passed to court by S. Stsepankou, who also urgently informed the Dubrouna District Executive Committee that Buhayou had been drawn to administrative liability under Article 17.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, for “taking measures of social influence". As iturned out, he did it too early, as the court dropped the proceedings against Viktar Buhayou.

But that's not all the news
about the law and justice in Dubrouna. V. Buhayou doesn't give up the attempts to file a supervisory appeal against the verdict. During the repeated familiarization with the case materials, he expressed the wish to watch the video cassette, which, as it was stated in the verdict, was watched during the hearings. As it turned out, it... didn't come to the court any way, either with the case, or without it. The judge happened to say it while the record function on Buhayou's phone was activated. Therefore, he had to put the Investigation Committee before a new problem – ask them whether there were no traits of a criminal offense in this situation. HRC “Viasna” will return to this topic after getting information about the results of the appropriate examination.