Brest: organizers of July 1 picket required to pay more money for medical transport on duty

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The picket, dedicated to the International Children's Day, was allowed by the authorities and was held at the site in the park of soldiers-internationalists in Brest.

As stated by the organizer of the picket, Deputy Chair of the Trade Union of Radio-Electronic Industry (TUREI) and the head of its Brest regional branch Zinaida Mikhniuk, according to the service agreement with the administration of the park, 254,000 rubles were paid for its services prior to the event. Moreover, an appropriate agreement was concluded with the local branch of the ambulance station, which cost 96,300 rubles.

However, now the medics state that for the duty during the picket they used vehicles, belonging to another organization, carpool of medical institutions. The economist of the organization called Zinaida Mikhniuk and reported the need of additional payment – 75,300 rubles per hour of duty. The head of the TUREI branch considers such demands as absurd and advises the medical institutions settle their mutual relations on their own.

Zinaida Mikhniuk also draws attention to another circumstance connected with the organization of similar events in Brest. "December 10, 2013 we held a picket on the occasion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and there was no need to conclude any service agreements with the police or the medics: the ambulance station told us that an agreement would be concluded in the case, if there was a real need of medical assistance,” says Zinaida. “However, we had to pay 70,000 rubles for the agreement with the administration of park, which is responsible for cleaning the territory, in December, whereas in June the sum increased to 254,000. What happened during the last seven months that the services for cleaning a small site have become three times more expensive? The more that we were ready to clean the territory on our own, if necessary."