Homel: court upholds ban on anti-corruption picket

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Judge of the Tsentralny District Court of Homel Andrei Tsaluika found legal the actions of the executive committee, which did not allow the Left Party "Fair World" to hold a picket, and turned down the party's appeal. The peculiarity of the situation is that the leftists intended to hold the picket to support the actions of President of Belarus in his struggle against corruption.

Does it mean that the Homel court and officials don't support president's actions aren't against corruption?” asks the chairman of the regional organization of "Fair World" Uladzimir Siakerka.

Bear in mind that May 26 the regional committee of the Homel Regional organization of the Belarusian Left Party "Fair World" submitted an application to the city executive committeefor the authorization of pickets on June 15 aimed at support the President's actions to combat abuse and corruption among officials.

The executive committee banned the pickets, traditionally explaining that the applicants hadn't concluded service contracts with ambulance and public utilities. Moreover, the applicants have applied to these services, but they refused to sign contracts for ridiculous reasons, "in connection with the overload of the ambulance in the summer", and "due to the lack of street cleaners" respectively.

By banning the pickets, Homel officials reaffirmed their support for corruption. Now it becomes clear why for more than two decades of President's struggle against corruption he can not win it," said Uladzimir Siakerka.

According to him, Homel leftists have already prepared an appeal to the Homel Regional Court and intend to file new applications for holding pickets in support of the President's actions against corruption in September 2014.