Vasil Parfiankou’s father: Solitary confinement and no letters allowed

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“He sent a letter a week ago. He says that our last letter was received back on April 30. So our letters are not delivered to him. Then we sent him newspapers by a registered letter on May 5. He said that he did not receive the registered letter, either. So it goes. He’s in solitary confinement and he sees no one. The watchmen take him to the prison yard to walk for 30 minutes, that’s all his contacts with the world. You can go crazy! Let it be on their conscience,” says Vasil Parfiankou’s father in an interview to Radio Liberty’s Belarus service.

Vasil Parfiankou is held in the colony in Horki. The activist was punished by a year’s imprisonment for violation of the rules of preventive supervision, which was imposed on him after his release from jail.

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