Books seized at border

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Belarusian border guards have detained participants of a camp entitled “For European Integration of Belarus”. The incident is said to be linked to the Belarusian editions they were carrying. Several people were coming back from Poland and their luggage was searched by a border official, Radio Racyja reports.

Pavel Sevastsyian, an activist of the BPF’s Slonim office, says:

“When we almost reached the end of the red channel, the border guard started searching our bags. She looked inside, there were newspapers – a weekly of the Belarusian minority in Poland, several books in each bag. She found them all and took them; she said they would return them later. They took them to read for some censorship, there may be something against the government.”

Among the materials seized by the guards there were copies of the book about political prisoners in Belarus “”, as well as a weekly of the Belarusians in Poland “Niva”.

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