UCP activist in Hrodna submits complaint to UN Human Rights Committee

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On July 22, Yezhy Hryhencha, Chairman of the Hrodna city office of the United Civil Party, sent a complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee. The activist believes that his right to peaceful assembly violated by a decision of the Leninski District Court of Hrodna, whose Judge Alena Piatrova fined him for active participation in a mass event.

“We have already passed all the necessary authorities. As we had expected, no one has canceled the decision of the Leninski District Court of Hrodna. So now I have hope for the HRC. I want to prove to everyone who punished me that the truth is on my side,” says Yezhy Hryhencha. “I was also angered by the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office did not even reply to my letter. I drew attention to the fact that the police officers who charged me either lied in court or simply did not perform their duties during the event. After all, if we violated something during the event, they had to warn us about it. It is their duty. But they were just watching, checked our documents and had no remarks, which convinced us that we did not break any rules. But in court, they began to talk about alleged violations. And the Prosecutor’s Office took a position of silence.”

Yezhy Hryhencha, along with four other members of the election rally, was convicted of alleged participation in an unsanctioned event, which was held on February 7 this year. The picket on campaigned for the nomination of candidates for deputies of local councils and collected signatures against the introduction of a new vehicle tax.