Russian court sentences Belarusian opposition activist to fine, orders his deportation

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The 24-year-old Homyel resident, a member of an anarchist group who took part in Euromaidan protests in Kyiv, was arrested by Russian border guards on the night between March 13 and 14, while he was crossing the border from Ukraine into Russia’s Kursk province.

The young man insisted that he wanted to visit Kursk on his way from Kyiv to spend some time with his relatives. He had the passport of his brother but no passport of his own.

Mr. Razanovich was reportedly charged with illegally crossing the border under Article 332 of the Russian Criminal Code.

Earlier reports said that Russia’s Federal Security Service suspected Mr. Razanovich of preparing to carry out a terrorist attack on the Kursk nuclear power plant.

The Belgorod District Court heard the case as far back as July 3.

Belarusian anarchists’ website reported that Mr. Razanovich had not yet been deported from Russia as of July 17, although the fine had been paid in full.