Political prisoner Lobau visited by mother in prison

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Eduard Lobau had a short-term meeting with his mother.

Charter97.org has learnt it from his mother Maryna Lobava.

“I returned home after a short-term visit to my son. We talked on the phone through a glass barrier for two hours. I gave him a 30-kilogramme parcel. He doesn't have any news. He recently received a diploma in electrogas welding. He had it in his hands for some minutes, but had to give it back, because inmates cannot store documents. He will receive it only after the release,” she said.

Eduard doesn't have problems with health, according to his mother.

“His face tanned a little, because they are allowed to walk outside. Of course, he is happier now. His term will expire soon. He prepares for the release,” Maryna Lobava said.

Eduard Lobau and Young Front co-head Zmitser Dashkevich were arrested in Minsk on December 18, 2010. The arrest of Lobau and Dashkevich was a preventive measure taken by the security services and the police ahead of the presidential “election”, which was held the next day.

On March 24, 2011, Minsk's Maskouski district court sentenced Eduard Lobau to 4 years in a maximum security correctional facility on false charges in a brawl.