Aliaksandr Hrunou visited bylawyer on death row

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Aliaksandr Hrunou during the trial at the Homel Regional Court. Photo by

Aliaksandr Hrunou during the trial at the Homel Regional Court. Photo by

Human rights defenders continue to monitor the situation of the Homel resident Aliaksandr Hrunou, sentenced to death. Since the Supreme Court Chairman, Valiantsin Sukala personally dismissed the review appeal of his lawyer, the death sentence can be implemented at any time.


July 15, Mr. Hrunou had a meeting with his lawyer, reports “Homel Viasna”.

According to the lawyer, they discussed the possibility of filing another review appeal to the Chairman of the Supreme Court directly from Hrunou. This is the last opportunity to draw attention to the extenuating circumstances in the case, which were noted by the Judicial Chamber for Criminal Cases of the Suprmeme Court while canceling the first death sentence.


Aliaksandr Hrunou and his mother also appealed for clemency directly to President Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The practice shows that the death convict is not informed about the negative result of the consideration of the petition, and the decision is read out to him immediately before execution of the sentence.


It should be noted that after the registration of the individual communication, passed on behalf of Aliaksandr Hrunou by the Belarusian human rights activist, at the Human Rights Committee of the UN, the Belarusian authorities were directed a request to suspend the execution until the consideration of the appeal on its merrits, which may take some 3-5 years.

We also learned that Aliaksandr Hrunou is regularly visited by a priest.