Office of Prosecutor General and Minsk Regional Executive Committee ignore application of Salihorsk activist of United Civil Party

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Back in late February Salihorsk member of the United Civil Party Viktor Malochka appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus askin him to check the legality of the allocation of land for construction of so-called "multi-function pharmacies" However, his request was ignored.

“In recent years, there has been observed a drugstore rush in Salihorsk. There are many buildings in the central streets of the city which are called “multi-function pharmacies, health care facilities or pharmaceutical markets in the construction documents. Plots for such supposedly socially important objects are allocated free of charge under the law,” says Mr. Malochka. “In fact it turns out that sometimes drugstores occupy just one tenth of the constructed buildings, whereas the rest serves commercial objectives, such as branches of banks, offices or shops.

Among other things, Viktar Malochka asked the Office of the Prosecutor General to check the legality of such construction. However, his appeal was just forwarded to the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

“Verification of the law observance is the durect duty of the prosecutor's office, whereas it forwards my appeal to the state officials who are responsible for allocation of the plots”, argues the activist. “I have finally received an answer from the Committee on Architecture and Construction of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee. However, it totally ignored the issues related to the construction of the so-called multi pharmacies.

However, the activist is not going to cease his fight for transparency. He intends to appeal the attempts of the Prosecutor's Office and the Minsk REC at higher state bodies.

On the photo: the construction of this “Health care facility” hasn't been finished, but the advertisement about the commercial lease of the spaces has been published already.