Babruisk authorities stop answering appeals of civil society activist

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Uladzimir Shcharbatykh

Uladzimir Shcharbatykh

Father of many children and activist of the civil campaign "Tell the truth" Uladzimir Shcharbatykh says that Babruisk officials have stopped responding to his appeals for building a child health clinic and a hospital.

'We have passed them signatures
requesting to reconstruct children's polyclinic № 3 and children's hospital, located in the same building on Kastrychnitskaya Street, 50, a year ago,” says Uladzimir Shcharbatukh.At first, we had quite an active correspondence with the local and regional officials, the main medic of Babruisk and with the chief physician at Children's Hospital Iryna Ryzhankova. We were promised that the reconstruction would be started soon. However, a year has passed, and there is no progress. In addition, the officials have begun to avoid encounters with me and don't respond to new appeals. For instance, I have been waiting for an answer from chief doctor of physician of the Babruisk Central Hospital" Uladzimir Hatsko since April. I think this is a bad sign, and the building and will continue falling apart before our eyes.

The authorities also promised activists of "Tell the Truth" to solve the problem of children's clinic for residents of the Zakhodni neighborhood, where the Shcharbatykhs live. However, due to the lack of clinics, they have to drive to another end of the town.

y promised to build a large children's polyclinic at the intersection of Gagarin and Ulyanovskaya Streets so that the residents of our neighborhood and visitors of the polyclinic on 50 Hod ULKSM Street could use it. Of course, if they keep their promise, it will be great. However, at present only commercial buildings are built in Babruisk quick enough,” pointed Mr. Shcharbatykh.