Mahiliou: new volleyball team is created without paying wages to old one first

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The founders of the new volleyball team are the very organizations, institutions and enterprises, which founded the volleyball club "Tekhnaprybor". The volleyball players as the club "Tekhnaprybor", who have not been paid off for the last few months of work, are offered to enter into new labor contracts, but in the new club.

It turns out that it is easier to the officials to swindle the volleyball team by not paying them the due wages and just establish a new club.

The news about the liquidation of the volleyball club "Tekhnaprybor" came from the response of the Mahiliou Region Department of Labor where it was stated that the liquidation process of the team had begun.

All volleyball players have been put in another credit queue for being paid their wages. The manager of the liquidation proceeding required the founders to liquidate the wage arrears to the team and the coach by the end of August.

Over the entire period the players and coaches were partially paid wages in in June and July. Each time they were given about 2-3 million rubles, which is about one tenth of their monthly wages according to the labor contracts.

Interestingly enough, the head of the enforcement department of the Leninski District Mr. Aheyeu, who kept the executive documents for the exaction of the wages for the volleyball players, didn't do anything in May-July in order to exact the money in favor of the players. Moreover, he lost the document for the examination of the club's assets.

When it became known that the documents exists and it was found, Mr. Aheyeu stated that it was none of his business, as the liquidation of the club had already begun.

Being enraged, Mr. Aheyeu stated that the volleyball players wanted to get their money too quickly, whereas basketball players had been trying to do it for two years already. The athletes are preparing an appeal against the actions of the irresponsible official.

The conflict between the coach and players of volleyball club administration has lasted for more than half a year. The athletes are not paid wages for more than six months. All this has resulted in litigation. The team's coach, Mr. Mashtapa, and one of the players, applied to the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry for legal aid.

Through the courts, they managed to achieve the establishment of the sum of the wages to be paid to them, which together comprised nearly 50 million rubles. The other players, who did not apply to the independent trade union, will receive minimum wages.