Homel authorities violate terms for answering while banning ecological picket

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

June 18, a campaigner of "People's Control" Andrei Melnikau applied to Homel City Executive Committee for permission to a picket aimed at drawing public attention to the poor state of water bodies within the boundaries of Homel. He intended to hold the event on July 3 in the officially determined place for mass events, on a site near the intersection of Barykin and Vaiskovaya streets and enclosed to his appeal a written undertaking to pay the cost of the services of ambulance and public utilities. According to the law, he was to have received an official answer at least five days prior to the action.

However, he received an answer with the traditional (for the whole democratic community) prohibition only on July 5. The date of the answer in the paper was marked as June 26, the date of sending the letter (according to the seal on the envelope) – July 2, the day of receipt – July 4.

The ban lists the paragraphs of the ruling of the executive committee on mass events, without explaining the reasons for the ban. The officials sent the answer with an excess of the legally provided terms, thus violating the law. We intend to consult a lawyer and appeal against this violation,” stated Mr. Melnikau.

Earlier, the civil initiative “People's Control” collected signatures in Homel under the call to the authorities to keep the water bodies in a normal state, timely remove the garbage from them, save the lakes from turning
into swamps, beautify the adjacent areas and install toilets and garbage containers.