Homel: Andrei Tsianiuta appeals his arrest

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"Young Front" activist Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by Yuliya Darashkevich

"Young Front" activist Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by Yuliya Darashkevich

July 9, co-Chairman of "Young Front" Andrei Tsianiuta filed a complaint to the Chairman of the Homel Regional Court against the verdict of the district court in his administrative case.

Bear in mind that on May 6 the Chyhunachyn District Court of Homel found him guilty under Articles 17.1. and 23.4 of the Administrative Code (disorderly conduct and disobedience to the police) and sentenced him to ten days of arrest. In the first days of May, on the eve of the World Hockey Championship, a wave of arrests started in Belarus. Police accused civil and political activists of swearing or disobeying police officers, and the courts sentenced them to administrative arrests.

Andrei's cassation appeal was considered by the Homel Regional Court, which left the initial verdicct in force.

"The court unreasonably refused to give legal assessment of allegations of policemen who detained me, and then said that I was swearing loudly in the direction of passsers-by. As far as this was the basis of the acusation, the duty of the court was to summon to the court these “passers-by” and interrogate them. All other accusations in the ase are grounded just on the false testimonies of police officers which do not require legal analysis, as already entered the history of the country classified as "Well, you know!" wrote the activist in his appeal.

Mr. Tsianiuta asks the chairman of the regional court to abolish the verdict of the Chyhunachny District Court of Homel.