Brest residents try urge Ministry of Housing Economy to make city authorities to keep pavements in order

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Brest. Sonechnaya Street

Brest. Sonechnaya Street

Residents of Rechytsa suburb filed a complaint to the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities. They satate that Brest City Executive Committee ignores the problems persisting in Sonechnaya Street.

Last year, with the help of activists of the civil campaign "Tell the truth!" residents of the neighborhood filed an appeal and collected signatures under it in order to get the authorities to accomplishment of its territory. This year, these efforts yielded some results. In particular, asphalt was laid in Sonechnaya, Rechytskaya and some other streets.

At the same time, the appropriate services didn't solve other problems, faced daily by the locals.
"Recently, in connection with the opening of a church and a market, the emergence of a new car park and construction of residential buildings, Sonechnaya Street has become much busier,” stated an activist of “Tell the Truth!” Mikhail Kavalchuk. “People have repeatedly drawn the attention of the authorities to the fact that the lack of equipped paving paths or their unsatisfactory condition lead to violations of traffic safety, posing a threat to life and health of residents. We believe that our former collective appeals were not considered on the merits, so we decided to apply to the Ministry of Housing".

According to Mikhail Kavalchuk, the new complaint requests to verify the facts listed in the collective appeal and issue a warrant to the executive authorities of Brest and its municipal utilities on the elimination of the disastrous state of the street pavement coating in Sonechnaya Street in order to secure the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Brest. Sonechnaya Street
Brest. Sonechnaya Street