Political prisoner Eduard Lobau gets welder's diploma

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Eduard Lobau. Photo by svaboda.org

Eduard Lobau. Photo by svaboda.org

Political prisoner Eduard Lobau ended welder training in Ivatsevichy colony. During a call home Eduard Lobau reported having passed the exam and received a diploma, which was immediately taken away.

Mother of the political prisoner Maryna Lobava said: "He phoned and said he received a diploma. He was allowed to hold it in his hands and have a look at it. Then the document was taken away, because according to the prison rules prisoners cannot have any documents at hand. So, it will be returned to him after his release from jail. However, there is no work on this speciality in the colony, just sawmill and felling the trees.”

Maryna Lobava said that her son didn't complain about the detention conditions. July 18, five months will be left to his release. “I think he is already on the loose in his thoughts,” said Mrs. Lobava.

The “Young Front” activist Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for alleged fight with passers by, which is considered to be a provocation of the Belarusian special services. Civl society of Belarus is seeking an early release of political prisoner Eduard Lobau.