Baranavichy: entrepreneur Mikalai Charnavus is guarded by police despite hypertension crisis

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On July 2, Baranavichy police detained individual entrepreneur Mikalai Charnavus after a visit to the Baranavichy City Executive Committee and a meeting with the journalists of a regional newspaper.

Mr. Charnavus was guarded to the city police department. The chief of public order and crime prevention department, major Aliaksei Hetsman, charged him with holding an unauthorized rally of individual entrepreneurs July 1 at the city market and in the hall of the executive committee. At that time Mikalai Charnavus, who has a 2nd group disability, felt bad and repeatedly asked to call an ambulance. However, Aliaksei Hetman refused to do it.

After the policeman completed the violation report, Mr. Charnavus was sent to the detention center, where he felt really bad. His blood pressure rapidly increased and he suffered a hypertensive crisis. In these circumstances, police had to call an ambulance and deliver him to the city hospital, where he was kept being guarded by two policemen.

According to Viktar Syrytsa, who managed to talk to Mikalai Charnavus, the latter looked very tired and ill. Meanwhile, the police didn't let Mikalai's son to visit his father in the hospital ward.

July 3, individual entrepreneurs
from the central and the Paleski market collected 105 signatures under the petition for the release of Mr. Charnavus from custody in the 1th surgic department of the city hospital.

The activist is charged with violating Article 23.34, part 3 of the Code of Administrative Offences – organization and holding of an unauthorized rally of entrepreneurs on July 1.

the statement addressed to the chief of the police department, colonel ViachaslauHerasimovitch it is noted that Mikalai Charnavus didn't perpetrate unlawful acts as individual entrepreneurs organized themselves on July 1 and held a rally at the market and at the executive committee on their own.

That's why they asked: 1) to verify the objectivity of detention of M. Charnavus on July 2, given that he had was a disabled of the 2nd group; 2) to take into account the 105 signatures confirming the self-organization of the entrepreneurs on July 1; 3) to release Mikalai Charnavus from custody.

About 40
entrepreneurs brought the collective address to the city police department. Their representatives Mikalai Charnavus Jr. And Aliaksandr Vaitseshyk passed the joint statement to the head of the department of law and crime prevention, lieutenant colonel Andrei Urubleuski, who registered it and expressed the hope that Charnavus Mj. would be released from custody the same day.

In the photo: Mikalai Charnavus talking to the police during the entrepreneurs' strike