Baranavichy entrepreneurs continue struggling for their rights

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

About 300 entrepreneurs from the central city market and the Paleski market of Baranavichy continue their strike. July 2, they collectively expressed their disagreement with Presidential decree No. 222, which significantly hampers their work.

July 2, individual entrepreneurs Mikalai Charnavus and Aliaksandr Vaitseshyk also made an entry in the complaint book of the Baranavichy City Executive Committee. The matter is that on July 1 about 300 individual entrepreneurs came to the executive committee to meet with the officials in order to discuss their problems. However, none officials went out to meet with them, though the head of the executive committee Yury Hramakouski, his deputy and the head of the economic department Raisa Ulasevich were at office and knew that the people were waiting for them.

Mikalai Charnavus and Aliaksandr Vaitseshyk require an examination of this fact and an answer to the question why nobody came out to the people.

The absolute majority of shutters at these markets remain closed. At 10 a.m. on July 2, the initiative group of entrepreneurs began collecting signatures
under an address to the head of the state. They collected more than 200 signatures, which were sent to the website of the President on July 3.

“We wanted to personally deliver our demands
and signatures to the president, but got a call from Minsk with the information that Putin arrivedon July 3 and we would be just detained if we decided to go to the Presidential Administration. For that reason, we decided to send this letter by mail,” explained Mikalai Charnavus.

Temporarily unemployed individual entrepreneurs
also visited the department of labor, employment and social protection of the Baranavichy City Executive Committee and met with the director, Valiantsina Bryhava. During the conversation the entrepreneurs learned that there were 350 officially registered unemployed in Baranavichy who were getting 100,000 rubles from the state monthly.

“And we will become unemployed only after passing to the state bodies our entrepreneur licenses. In order to pass them there we will have to wait for some 6-9 months. Only then will we be registered and issued $10 a month,” added Mr. Charnavus.