Trade union activist Leanid Dubanosau detained in Mikashevichy

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“He called me and said that he was in a police car. He said that he was taken from his private house as he was working there, without any explanations, and to his question why he was detained they said it was for the fact that he “swore”. He was just working at home, he was in his working clothes, and then he was taken away. I asked him who had taken him, he said that it were two policemen – one in uniform, the other in civilian clothes. The one in uniform was a major. They refused to give their names. The answered that they were driving, so they could not give their names,” said Stakhayevich.

A policeman on duty at the Mikashevichy police department confirmed that Leanid Dubanosau had been brought to the station. To a question why he was arrested he replied:

“I cannot tell you. I do not possess such information. Criminal investigation officers are working with him...”

Aleh Stakhayevich says Leanid Dubanosau’s detention is primarily linked to with his membership in the independent trade union.