Political prisoner Vaskovich put in punishment cell

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The charter97.org learnt that from a civic activist and a film director Volha Mikalajchyk.

“Me and Jauhien write to each other. I can tell that he takes the prison very hard. It is not only because his term is one of the longest – 7 years, but also because he is a very sensitive person. They keep him for nothing in a closed-type prison with malicious violators, put him into lock-up, but despite all that he hold on bravely and decently”, - she pointed out.

Volha Mikalajchyk added that the prison administration has forbidden sending the political prisoner journals and newspapers.

“The wardens send back all that people send him. He can subscribe to something only with his own money. It would be good I f people made small contributions in his name via the post-office: Vaskovich, 212011, Mahilou, vul. Krupskaj 99a, prison number 4. This way he will be able to subscribe to more printed media. He is also banned from meetings and buying thins at a shop. The only thing he is allowed to do is to write and receive letters. However, that has been no response from him for a month already, although he responds to me regularly. Most likely, Jauhien has been put in a punishment cell again”, - the activist said.

Jauhien Vaskovich was convicted together with Arciom Prakapienka and Paviel Syramalotau. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison under charges of an attempted arson of the doors of the KGB office in Babrujsk. In September 2012 Syramalotau was released, after having asked Lukashenka for pardon. Jauhien Vaskovich and Arciom Prakapienka refuse to make such a plea.