Belsat facing another trial

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Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court wants a reversal of a decision in a lawsuit against the Belsat TV Channel and a new consideration of the case file, press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists reports.

The lawsuit related to claims by the owner of a company named “BELSATplus”, Andrei Beliakou. In January this year, he asked the Supreme Court of Belarus to recognize his exclusive right to use the trademark “Belsat” and suspend its alleged illegal use by the Polish-based TV channel.

According to Beliakou, his company, which sells equipment for receiving satellite and cable television, allegedly suffers losses due to consonance with the name of the independent TV channel, founded by the Polish television TVP SA in 2006.

On January 27, the Supreme Court rejected the businessman’s claim. Now the Court’s Deputy Chairman demands to cancel the decision and to send the case for reconsideration.

The dispute is to be settled by the Presidium of the Supreme Court at a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 24.

According to Belsat spokesperson in Belarus, Mikhail Yanchuk, the Supreme Court has already sent a summons.

- As explained in the Court’s office, we will be given five minutes to render our position in the case, after which the judges will make their own decisions,” says Yanchuk.