Political prisoner Lobau meets with his mother in correctional facility

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Maryna Lobava returned after a long-term visit to her son.

She said it to charter97.org.

“I have returned from a long-term meeting with Eduard that began on June 13. He is in a good mood. He sees more sun and has a better complexion. That's all news,” she said.

The political prisoner's mother added he continued his welding course and planned to receive a diploma at the end of the month.

“Unfortunately, I was not allowed to give him a food parcel. The prison chief can allow a parcel of up to 30 kg, but he didn't give his permission during the last three visits. Eduard tried to eat more during the visit, but he got used to small meals, so he cannot eat much. It wasn't very hard to leave the prison. His term expires in six months. Maybe it comforts me,” Maryna Lobava added.

Eduard Lobau and Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkeivch were detained in Minsk on December 18, 2010. It was a preventive measure organsed by the security services and the police ahead of the presidential election. On March 24, 2011, Minsk's Maskouski district court sentenced him to 4 years in a maximum security correctional facility.