Klimavichy resident fined over criticism of administrative commission

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Alena Marchanka

Alena Marchanka

The administrative commission of the Klimavichy District Executive Committee punished Alena Marchanka, a resident of the village of Damamerychy, by a fine of 2,250,000 rubles. The decision was taken at a meeting held on May 13.

Alena Marchanka, who personally attended the meeting of the commission, said that there was clear bias by the members of the commission during the reconsideration of her administrative case.

Mahiliou human rights defender Barys Bukhel believes that by imposing the penalty, the administration of the Klimavichy District Executive Committee revenged themselves upon Alena Marchanka for her principled stance in defending her rights.

“In my opinion, the administrative commission actually punished her for the fact of filing a complaint against its ruling and illegal acts, for which the heads of the executive committee and the administrative committee were punished,” says the defender. “It's just revenge by the administrative committee, and it will be one of the reasons for writing a complaint to court.”

Ms. Marchanka’s confrontation with local authorities began after she opposed the killing of her pigs due to the threat of African swine fever.

She was then brought to administrative liability under Part 1 of the Administrative Code’s Art. 15.38 and warned for violation of the veterinary and animal health rules.

Alena Marchanka did not agree with the judgment and filed a complaint in the Court Klimavichy district. Ms. Marchenko also filed a complaint to the District Prosecutor. In her complaint, she requested to inspect the activities of the administrative commission, saying there were violations when considering her administrative case. As a result, the prosecutors said there were violations in the formation of the administrative commission and ordered the executive committee to abide by the law.

On February 5, the Klimavichy District Court quashed the administrative commission’s decision and ordered a reconsideration of the administrative case. On February 13, Alena Marchanka filed a complaint in the Mahiliou Regional Court, saying that her administrative case should have been closed because of numerous violations by the officials.

According to Ms. Marchanka, she is going to appeal against the decision in court.