Political prisoner Andrei Haidukou transferred to “Vitsba-3”

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Andrei Haidukou

Andrei Haidukou

As reported by human rights activists, on April 6 the political prisoner was transferred from the Mahiliou penal colony to the Vitsebsk penal colony "Vitsba- 3".

His prison term ends on May 8, that's why it is diffult explain the reason for such a hasty transfer. Perhaps, the pressurization of the prisoner increases prior to his release. Given the fact that the investigation was held in Vitsebsk, the local law machinery may wish to keep him “at hand”, in the colony with tougher conditions.

Andrei Haidukou was taken into custody on November 8, 2012. After the investigation, which was conducted by the KGB, on July 1, 2013 he was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment under Article 14, part 1 and Article 356-1 of the Criminal Code (attempt to establish cooperation with the special service intelligence or security authority of a foreign state).

You can write to the political prisoner on the following address: 211300, Vitsebsk region, Vitsebsk district, Vitsba, PC-3 (211300, Віцебская вобл, Віцебскі р-н, п. Віцьба, ПК-3).