Workers from Bangladesh cheated in Baranavichy

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Baranavichy Cotton Production Enterprise

Baranavichy Cotton Production Enterprise

As we've learned, the workers from Bangladesh, who worked as weavers for a few months at Baranavichy cotton production company, are sent home.

They are dissatisfied not only with the extremely low wages, but also with violations of the contract. They state that according to the labor contract they were promised to be paid $1,000 monthly. However, when they arrived to the enterprise, they were told they would receive just $500. After the first month, they were issued just $100.

The workers applied to the city police, but were advised to solve the financial issues directly with the enterprise administration.However, it was quite hard to get an appointment with the factory administration. Moreover, the workers state that their passports were taken away from them. That's why the weavers reported their problems to a correspondent of the independent newspaper

However, after
the meeting with the local journalists the weavers were told that they would be soon sent home.