Political prisoner Eduard Lobau has problems with mail correspondence

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Not all the letters come through from Eduard Lobau, who is serving imprisonment term in the penal colony number 22 in Ivatsevichy.

The charter97.org web-site learned about that from his mother Maryna Lobava. “Son phoned on Saturday, said that he was in good health and everything was good. We will not have a meet for long yet. I am planning on June, but I do not know whether it will happen – this is always in question. If it does take place, then it will be a long meeting”. – she said.

Political prisoner’s mother pointed out that in June his studies end and he will get a certificate of a electric and gas welder.

“I have no problems with communication with Eduard, but not all his letters reach other people for some reasons”, - Maryna Lobava added.

Let us remind that a Young Front activist Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years in prison on charges of hooliganism. He and Young Front’s leader Dzmitry Dashkievich were assuced of allegedly beating up passersby in Minsk. This took place a day before the presidential “elections”. In court the “victims” testified, having hidden their faces from public. Lobau and Dashkievich claimed that special services had provoked the fight.