Slavamir Adamovich detained for Ukrainian state symbols again

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At 6 pm the poet managed to inform Radio Freedom over the phone that he was being detained by policemen in October Square in Minsk.

After that Slavamir Adamovich was no longer available over the phone, his mobile phone is out of reach.

Later the poet told that he was detained for an Ukrainian ribbon on his clothes. In the police department his documents were checked, things searched. After Adamovich showed his document about early release, he was released.

It is the second detention in 5 days for Slavamir Adamovich. On March 30 the poet was detained in Mahilyouskaya metro station, as he had yellow-blue and white-red-white ribbons on his clothes. As said by Adamovich, he attached the ribbons as a sign of solidarity of democratic forces of Belarus with Ukrainans struggle against Russian aggression.

On March 30 Slavamir Adamovich was held in the police department of the metro station for a few hours, allegedly to find out his identity, and then released. It is still unknown what whas the reason for detention this time.