European Belarus activists Maksim Vinyarski, Leanid Kulakou, Syarhei Matskots, Alena Lazarchyk and Uladzislau Barodka were detained near Bahdanovich Street, 78, BelaPAN reports. They were made to get on a minibus and were delivered to the Soviet District Department of the Interior.

Young Democrats activist Alyaksei Markouski was detained at the bus stop Kulman Street. He had white-red-white and yellow blue flags on him.

Moreover, Young Front (Czech Republic) activists Zmitser Drozd, Stanislau Rachkel and minor Victar Kashkevich were detained. They had banners Young Front and Heroes Do Not Die on them.

The police released almost all the detained without drawing up reports, human rights activists said. Maksim Vinyarski had to stay at the police office until morning. Alyaksei Markouski’s whereabouts are unknown.