BCD observer stripped of accreditation in Minsk

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In Minsk, an activist of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, an observer in the campaign "Right to Choice" Valeryia Charnamortsava has been stripped of accreditation at polling station No. 25 in constituency No. 44, the BCD press-service reports.

On Friday, she filed a complaint saying that the members of the precinct commission were approached by the commandant of a local hostel who checked the lists of voters. Half an hour after this the hostel residents came to vote at the polling station.

In addition, on Friday Valeryia Charnamortsava photographed a ballot box, for which election officials yelled at her, forcing the observer to delete the photos.

And on Sunday morning, the observer was told that she had been deprived of her accreditation for the fact that “she was standing near the ballot box, interfered in the work of the Commission and took unauthorized photos and videos". In reply to her complaint, the Commission wrote that no unauthorized persons were allowed in the polling station, only the commission members, voters and observers.