Students in Orsha vote under supervision

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Polling station No. 6 in the Orsha-based constituency No. 8 was visited by a woman who asked the Election Commission for permission to see the students of a local medical college vote, says observer Yauhen Anishchanka.

According to the observer, it is illegal interference in the work of the election commission, as well as a violation of the principle of voluntary participation in the elections:

"I asked the woman whether she was going to vote herself. It turned out that she wasn’t as she was registered with another polling station. I told the policeman that this woman should be detained for violation, but he did not get up from his chair. The woman refused to give her name and left."

As Yauhen Anishchanka learned, the unknown woman is a curator in the local medical college.

The observer has written a complaint to the District Election Commission to appeal against the fact that unauthorized persons ask for information on turnout. He asks to inspect the incident and find out the name of the woman.

Earlier, 340 people registered with the same polling station opted to vote at their homes during the first hour of the first day of the early vote campaign. Observer Yauhen Anishchanka is going to accompany the commission members in order to check whether they really received so many requests.

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