Voters in Vitsebsk taught how to vote

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A number of voting booths in Vitsebsk now have sample ballots ticked just in the places where the “right” candidates’ names are printed in the real ballots, says local observer Vadzim Kuzmin.

"If the name of the pro-government candidate for the City Council goes second in the list, then the tick on sample ballots is printed at the same place. Though the names are invented, but the message of the sample ballots is clear."

According to a member of the Regional Election Commission Mikalai Selivashka, representing the regional branch of the Left Party "Fair World", complaints should be immediately written to appeal against the violation:

"Either to the district or the precinct commission, doesn’t matter! We must document it. Course, no one will reprinted anything, but let them correct it by at least March 23 - the day of the main voting! We have seen the same aspirations to influence voters before and previously written about it in complaints, but as you can see, the authorities do not act, they just keep going".

An "old proven technique" against pro-democratic candidates is the destruction of their leaflets. These cases are also reported by Vadzim Kuzmin, who is not only an observer, but is also running for the City and Regional Councils:

"I personally carried my campaign materials to shops in my district, personally asked the managers to post them. They did. However, it lasted but one day. And then they disappeared, while pro-government candidates’ leaflets are still there."

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