UCP Homel activist sentenced to 10-day arrest over picketing

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Uladzimir Shytsikau

Uladzimir Shytsikau

Judge Siarhei Sheustruk of Homel’s Savetski district found UCP member Uladzimir Shytsikau guilty of violating procedures for organizing a mass event and punished him with 10 days of arrest. The hearing took place without witnesses, as one who wanted to support the detainee was allowed in the courthouse.

"We've been waiting since morning, and they brought Shytsikau just after lunch break, but secretly, through the back door. We accidentally saw it and wanted to come in, but the policeman on duty would not let us, he said that he was ordered to do so. I wrote about the abuse in the book of complaints, adding that Shytsikau was convicted illegally, as he participated in a lawful picket, its time and place were agreed by the Commission, and the poster he was holding reflected my position as a candidate," says a candidate for the Homel City Council Dzmitry Karpenka.

On March 15, on a busy street in Homel near a large trading house "Rechytski" United Civil Party activists held a pre-election rally. The participants were holding posters with slogans "We Demand Fair Elections", "We Want Elections Back", "March 23 – Another Non-Election”.

The picket, which was attended by Anatol Liabedzka and Vasil Paliakou, lasted about one hour. The picket was observed by uniformed policemen and unidentified men in civilian clothes videotaped the activists.

After the picket was over, one of its participants, UCP Homel member Uladzimir Shytsikau, was detained. He was holding posters saying "Putin's Russia, You're Crazy" and "Glitter of Residences does not Save the Dictator". During the picket, police officers asked Shytsikau to remove the poster, because it did not correspond to electoral matters, but he replied that he did not violate anything, and continued to display the posters.

Uladzimir Shytsikau was detained and taken to the police station of Savetski district, and then in a temporary detention facility.

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