Election pickets banned in Mikashevichy

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Leanid Dubanosau

Leanid Dubanosau

Leanid Dubanosau, a candidate for the Mikashevichy Town Council, planned to hold pickets on 15-16 March at an officially authorized place, which he reported to the town executive committee.

However, the candidate received a ban signed by the committee’s chairman Anatol Davydovich. The official refused to explain why the 15 March campaigning picket was banned.

In a response on the March 16 rally, Leanid Dubanosau was told that on this day the plaza outside the Granite House of Culture, where he intended to campaign, would be occupied by a children’s contest. Although, according to the candidate, when he was writing the application, he was told that on the day the place would be vacant. The candidate then asked if the pitch near the town library would be available on 16 March. He received a positive response. But he was not allowed to stage the picket, as another candidate, Yury Sushko, had allegedly applied for holding a picket in the same place.

Yury Sushko is Dubanosau’s former chief, who in May dismissed him from his job for refusing to leave the free trade union.

Anatol Davydovich also banned Leanid Dubanosau’s meeting with voters in the only authorized indoor premises, a local community center. Moreover, the official reportedly assaulted his political rival.

Anatol Davydovich is running for the Luninets District Council.

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